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Thread: I Really Have No Clue

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    You probably heard this question a lot but I'm sorry, I just don't have a clue because everyone gave me different answers. Well here goes, I was wondering if Kazaa was illegal. If so, is it the downloading music parts? I mean, I only use kazaa to download episodes of t.v. shows I missed and the occassional music videos. My cousin told me that the whole thing is illegal and it's best if I just delete it. ANd my friends says that the music downloading part is illegal and the rest (movies, images, software, etc.) isn't. I mean, I don't want to do anything that's illegal and I doubt sharing episodes of t.v. shows are illegal so can you guys please tell me if the whole thing is illegal or just the downloading music part. Thanks.

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    READ the existing topics on this subject please.


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