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Thread: Help!

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    Got a question...mad props go out to anyone who can solve my dilemma...

    I've burned a bunch of CD's w/ Nero Burning Rom, and saved them all as Nero Burned CD's files. I was wondering if anyone out there knows of a way to convert these files into a playlist that I can play in Windows Media Player...otherwise I am doomed to go back through my whole list and manually create the playlists, which is both time consuming and requires a lot of repetative effort, which I would like to avoid.

    If anyone has any ideas I would really appreciate it. Thanks!


    Sorry about the confusion...the songs are all on my computer, they were burned to a CD...

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    alil confused.... you took ur cd's and put the songs onto ur computer? or did u burn songs to your cd from ur computer?

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    yes im confused too


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