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Thread: Battlefield 1942 Full Version (4real!)

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    Hi folks!!

    I've downloaded the bloody thing and it seems not to be working under my WinXp. When i try to run the downloaded file(around 515Mb) Dos box appears for a sec and then dissapears. I've run it a couple of times and i managed to read that: "This program is too big to locate it in memory". Anyone has a clue??

    Maybe it's only working under Win98,95 or maybe it's some sort of archive. If you managed to get this file "Battlefield 1942 full version (4real&#33.exe" running please let me know.Thx!!

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    let me downloaded it from kazaa? lol just cuz they say 4real doesnt mean its real people but bullshit on kazaa and put viruses and i dont think thats a virus cuz its lke 500 mb butu still might wana update ur notron and then check it anyway go there and download the ISO's for the game they are liek 600 and 700 mb's cd 1 and 2 and then mount/burn and play

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    Yep I've downloaded it from Kazaa..and nah, it's not a virus for sure. I wad just wondering if someone downloaded this file because there was sth like 60 sources for it. Yeah, i know that there is a lot of crap on kazaa, i've downloaded one Battlefield before and when i started unpacking i realised that it is NHL 2002. I wonder why Kazaa is so crappy when you want to download games, everything else is downloadable. Maybe i'll give a try to this Torrent thing.

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    it looks like you have an image and it needs extracting or burning as an image

    sounds like that one isnt real either because mine was 2 disc both about 7oomb and it was corrupt i got that one of kazaa
    anyway get winiso and open it in that then extract the files to a folder(then just burn all those files to a disc) or make a cue file for it (open it in winiso and you should see what it is anyway)

    id say use bittorent cos i got it of that and it works under xp for me

    hope it helps

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    Thanks man!! It helped, but you can just imagine how depressed i was when i opened this file with WinIso is Neverwinter Nights install disk. Anyway i'm not losing my faith, i'll keep searching.


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    just use bittorent mate ive only used it for about a week and a half and everything has been real and working its pretty easy aswell

    anyway if this helps

    cd1.......... battlefield 1942 cd1 flt shareactor.bin 740.583kb
    cd2...........battlefield 1942 cd2 flt shareactor.bin 424.219kb

    these are the sizes and names for the ones on kazaa but they WILL be corrupt

    hard luck on that game though


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