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Thread: The Way I Would Like It!

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    i think for broadband users you should maybe ban the peoples i.p the really slow internet connections that give broadband users like 00.4 kbs! sometimes, so i think broadband users should have their own kind of thing, and dial up users should also have their own k lite or somthing, cos its really annoying downloading a 64 mb movie below 1 kps

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    Now now, if you would block that user you would get 0.0 kbs

    better to get something rather than nothing, also this isnt a tip

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    kev4, if that's what ur experiencing or know some who does, several reason why this could happen, so go thru the followings
    1. FAQ
    2. searching this forum will give many of the same issue along with its solution
    3. my sig.

    welcome aboard.


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