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Thread: Best way to find single mp3s?

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    What do you guys use? Now that I have my PC back I've tried limewire 4.xx but the results these days suck!

    How do you guys find hard to get mp3 files?

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    Aug 2009
    i use soulseek.

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    FleshGregor's Avatar n00b
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    Soulseek works well. Also, googling the song you're looking and file format, preceeded by ""

    Music blogs man...

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    Beemp3 is a cute little site

    It operates similiarly to Pirate bay, except for Mp3's specifically ( No content is hosted on it's servers, but it points you in a good direction )

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    Music forums are usually a good way to obtain single mp3 files. It all really depends on what type of mp3s you're after though.

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    $SnoopDo2G$'s Avatar Don Doggy BT Rep: +6BT Rep +6
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    dc++ ? or google like FleshGregor said...
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    I still use limewire. It is littered with virus files, but if you are careful you'll get everything just fine.

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    Soulseek is really good, dc++ is just 2 messy. imo

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    i recommend just use google, you'll be able to find most new tracks whatever genre

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    soulseek is very good
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