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Thread: Help Please! Looking For This Game!

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    i have been looking for the game WhiteOut for quite some time now. i cant find any sources for the files on kazaa, and on e-donkey im always at least 1000 in queue. does anybody know where this game is available? (other than the store) there is a ps2 vesion and a PC version floating around. the file i want is: Whiteout.DEViANCE.ShareReactor.bin along with the .cue file. if anybody knows if this file is available anywhere else like IRC or on an ftp, please please could you let me know.


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    Never heard of a game called "WhiteOut". Do you mean that futuristic racing game called "WipeOut"? If so, I have that on CD and I am willing to upload it to you.

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    no thats a different game iv never heard of it...whiteout is a snowmobile racing game that i wanted to check out a few months ago but could never find it...

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    anyone else??

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    Take a look at some of the other P2P file tranfer programs on this site

    you must be able to find it on one of the networks

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    thanks, ill take a look at that. btw dabbul...iv been to sharereactor. they released the game, and its on e-donkey or e-muole or whatever but when i try to dl im always at lease 2000th in queue so im looking for somewhere else...


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