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Thread: IPTorrents.&.FLAWL3SS - FLAWL3SS is now IPT 'in-house' encoding team

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    iLOVENZB's Avatar FST Crew BT Rep: +1
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    2009-09-08 10:14:39 GMT (19 mins ago)

    We are pleased to announce that IPT and The FLAWL3SS Release Group have come to an agreement

    that Team FLAWL3SS will become IPT's exclusive in-house encoding team. We have added a new sub catagory

    "Movies/FLAWL3SS" for all of their releases making searching a simple one click task.

    In addition:

    All FLAWL3SS Movie Packs will be FreeLeech.

    All FLAWL3SS HD releases will be FreeLeech.

    A minimum of 50% of all remaining FLAWL3SS releases will also be FreeLeech.

    All FLAWL3SS releases will continue to be "Non-RAR" and single file so you can download, play and seed without taking up twice the hdd space.

    We wish to thank all the members of IPT for your continued support.
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    Another good thing happening on IPT.Congrats to them i guess

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    kooftspc11's Avatar WWW.STFU.LOL BT Rep: +9BT Rep +9
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    i'm not a member of iptorrents and i'm not sure if i even know who flawless is...


    with the ridiculous saturation of 0-day trackers these last 3 years or so, i'm glad to see communities stepping up and doing something for their members which sets them apart from the next 0-day site.

    i hope more trackers can see how things like this can benefit their members....maybe they'll bring their own offering to the table.

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    another good news from IPT
    good work IPT

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    good work ipt

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    I'll reply you like no one else

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    harshytkage's Avatar Tarders BEWARE! BT Rep: +2
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    IPT keeps getting better and better, they deserve a waaay better rep!
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    Sorry I'm confused

    Wasn't FLAWL3SS always an IPT group?.

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    Funkin''s Avatar home skillet BT Rep: +4
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    ^ I'm not sure if they were exclusive or not.

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    Glad to see them go, looking at brrips is like browsing through FSTs forum.

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