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    i downloaded a mcafee virus and firewall program off of klite+++. i didnt like the way it worked so i uninstalled it. now everytime i reboot i get a blue screen error message saying Invalid VxD dynamic link call from MPFIREWL(01) + 00000D71 to device "347F", service1. your windows configuration is invalid... if you continue to run windows, your system may become unstable... i cant figure it out! ive been through my registry and deleted some left behind mcafee files, but that didnt help! by the way im running windows 98 second edition. if anyone could help me fix this problem i would appreciate it!

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    Please type in a proper topic title next time, btw moved to softwareworld.


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    ok, wiil do!

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    At bootup hit F8 to get to the menu pick command promt ( I think ) Dos-At C:\ "type" scanreg (press enter) then wait till it finishes-choose a back reg entry BEFORE you put the program (s) on and reboot that should cure it. Anything esle you have put on "after" these program(s) you will have to reload again. Always works for me you just have to remember that the reg' is only backed up at certain times besides your first boot of the day.

    Oh forgot check your firewall for any out/in etc from these program(s)-then your start up this might cure it before you do the above

    It normally doesn't mind cause what you have is a blue screen fault in finding "something" which isn't there.


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