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Thread: VirginMedia and torrents?

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    Right, first of all. Lets say, hypotetically of course, I down load a sh** load of torrents, from music to software. Now, virgin have just released their word on torrenting and have said that they will rape anyone who torrents. What I want to know is how i can avoid getting raped by them, what i could say in my defence and also what i can do to protect myself against this.

    If anyone has any high road "You shouldnt torrent" answers, you can bite me.

    Anyone with a normal answer, please, your input is truly appreciated.


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    if your using ut then get your setting good, encryption of course. you could go the proxy route too. all of these can be googled for some good info.
    come to think if you check forums on any decent torrent site thats a good place to start.

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    they are just trying to cover themselves, frightening people is the oldest trick in the book.

    when fst users complain about their isp the usual responce is to change isp.
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    I think some are offering free VPN as well VPN=encrypted torrenting,wasn't PB offering this as a beta a while back?
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    Quote Originally Posted by GeniusChr View Post

    Anyone with a normal answer, please your input is truly appreciated.
    My only suggestion would be to read and take note of VM's "Traffic Management" rules.

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    If you get warnings, get a seedbox b4 they cut your access and stop using bt to your connection or switch provider when they cut u off. I know most UK connections are cr4p and cable modem is better than most ADSL, but if you cant use the connection as you see fit then what's the point in it being faster?


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