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Thread: m2ts to IMGBURN ISO or files , that will work in Standalone bluray

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    Wanting to do this......m2ts to IMGBURN ISO or files , that will work in Standalone bluray (proper Bluray structure disk, and PS3) ... but whats the simple way?

    Whats wise. Some of the m2ts are gonna be BIG full dvd size, and i wanna take down to bd25 size... is that DVD rebuilder for that job.?

    Clown BD?

    Any helps would be most welcome.

    I'm basicaly wanting to create the BD25 equivalent or the DVD5 we have today....... (IE i wanna stick it in a bluray player, and have it play).......... Thanks!!!
    Judge Drokk-ANARCHY

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    Well I would start here with this:

    Next a guide here:

    Next how to burn said created file:

    Now, you off to watch what ever legal owned/backed up ripped movie and burned.
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