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Thread: Looks Like Modern Warfare 2's Gone Gold

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    This is what the news biz calls an "incremental development," but when it involves a game as highly anticipated as Modern Warfare 2, people notice. Yesterday, folks who'd friended some Infinity Ward types saw them playing it on Xbox Live.

    Playing an unreleased title on Xbox Live is typically an indicator the game has been moved out of development on Microsoft's PartnerNet, and has moved into the certification process.

    But more importantly, the people who spied IW level designer Alex Roycewicz (gamercard above) and community guru Robert Bowling playing the game say they spotted these map names in free-for-all and team deathmatches: Afghan; Underpass; Highrise; Derail; Invasion; Estate; Wasteland; Favela; Terminal; Rust; Scrapyard; and Quarry. This forum thread added three other map names: Uprise, Sub Base and Skidrow. The names don't give up much regarding the game, but those are a solid 15, just like the first Modern Warfare. McWhertor played two of these, Favela and Highrise, if you want to read more about that.

    Here also, thanks to reader Richard K., is a video showing FourZeroTwo getting his multiplayer on in a party last night.




    Looky here:
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    cant wait till someone post this for download on 360 360

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    Supposedly it leaked it today? Thats what someone said on another forum...

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    looking forward to it...

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    Just bought COD 4 for 23$ on steam The lack of dedicated servers (no modded servers) and the console-like matchmaking for COD 6 aren't really making me look forward to it. I'll probably stick to COD 4 and 5 for the next few years until the price tag on this game drops a bit.

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    well i cant decide now whether to buy l4d2 or cod4...i mean i got bored with l4d1 within a few weeks,but i dont know with this one,since they added a lot of weaponry and content...and cod4 will get boring,if not now maybe in two-three months...

    or i could ditch both and buy cod5..Treyarch seems to be doing a great job with its map packs and support..keeping the game fresh...
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    i have my preorder. i wish they would have done a beta earlier this year though. can't wait!

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    waiting for PC leak

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    Quote Originally Posted by beansis View Post
    waiting for PC leak


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