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Thread: Codec's

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    i've come across many files that said divx but have been div3, div4 or xvid, not a real prob with xvid but div3 and 4 are worser then xvid or divx with quilty and that. i think kazaa should have a way to search for codec instead of trying to figure it out with the files name. cuz usally they're wrong.

    just for those who don't know, if you go to properties and summy on a video file it usally tells under compression with divx it says divx, and xvid well.. xvid.
    with div4 it says divxmpg4 v3 so as you can tell, it complcates clarity when you get further into it. i've even seen iv50 which is indeo video 5 compression so as you can tell there's different one's beside divx related compressions out there.

    so in closing, i guess. the final word would be to either kazaa to make a search for the codec or have the users not title false codecs. either way it'd fix alot of things, save a bunch of time at least.

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    div3 = DivX 3.x
    div4 = DivX 4.x
    divx = DivX 5.x (or sometimes DivX 4.x)

    Install the K-Lite Codec Pack and you can play all of them.


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