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Thread: K-lite Radio Stations!

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    ok I just wanted to mention - there are some k-lite radio stations you can
    listen to with winamp where some crazy, no extraordinary and obviously friendly people share their thoughts & music :)

    Other Shoutcast compatible Players

    "... Nice list ,you can add those players too:

    Quintessential Player

    Shoutcast Plugin for Quintessential Player

    JetAudio Player( support shoutcast )

    Mp3CoolPlay-X( support shoutcast )

    If you want to open your own independent station with your ..."

    (source: sharedholder)

    friends or alone, you need Shoutcast Server and Shoutcast DSP Plugin for
    Winamp 2.9 and Winamp 2.9 - everthing on

    Illuminati also offer a fast server to which you can send your stream :)
    just send him a message... Or you can also send him an mp3 file
    which contains your thoughts you want to offer his listeners...

    K-Lite Radio stations

    Station Name: KLB Radio
    Broadcasting Time: For Times look at:
    Link: Listen Now!
    Owner: Darker?
    Description: You listen to some nice mixed music...

    Station Name: sfgi (society for global issues) Radio
    Broadcasting Time: Sundays, 4:00h - 7:00h GMT +1
    Link: Listen Now!
    Owner: (sha're@KaZaA)
    Description: You are going to listen to my shared music...
    you also can request a song on my site from my huge? archiv
    of mp3s...

    Station Name: Mike's Anything
    Broadcasting Time: N/A 24/7?
    Link: Listen Now!
    Owner: mikelc
    Description: N/A different stuff..

    I forgot your K-Lite station? Just inform me
    and I will put it on soon... or put it on by yourself. If you decide
    to open your own station it would be good that we cover all
    the weekdays with our broadcasts, so that every day a k-lite
    station is streaming :) also if only to few listeners...

    Other good stations...

    Station Name: Virgin Radio -
    Description: Radio Station in UK, London, which give you
    an experience of the wonderful (opened) atmosphere
    between people in London. Some of my London exepriences
    also on:

    I am sure, you will found thousands of
    radio stations on - just listen to some where
    0 listeners are until now, and I am sure the station owner
    would be happy to have at least one listener :) or wouldn't
    you be happy too when having at least one listener?

    Archived Radio Streams
    If you missed listening to a show, you can download from
    My Shared Folder when I am on Kazaa older streams...

    Available streams so far...
    No. [Stations name] - [Broadcaster] - [Date recorded].mp3
    1. KLB Radio - Illuminati - 04-10-2003.mp3

    Please ask the DJ of the stream if he or she can send you
    older streams...

    thanks anyway, david.

    ~nice dreams...

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    Thanks for the info, i'll listen to them in my free time.

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    ok, guys this is my time schedule for sfgi radio...

    thks darker & illuminati for the design...

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    Illuminati's Avatar Simple Bystander BT Rep: +7BT Rep +7
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    May 2003
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    Okay, how many times do I have to say the same ing things
    1) I run only a show - I don't run "the show", so to speak I have no real control of the station outside of my slots - Darker is the one behind KLB Radio & the Lounge.
    2) FFS why are you imitating Darker's project that much? You've ripped the name first time, when Darker tried to change it to accomodate both stations, you change it to be the same again. Now you're copying the site. I'd be alright if Darker said "Alright" to it himself, but this is the work of him and some of his designers - Save the copying for stuff with a price tag
    3) I distinctively said in the other topic not to record any of my streams - I even gave the reasons why not to. What part of "No" don't you understand?
    4) Why the bloody hell are you posting these goddamn index threads every day? The list doesn't change that much, and there's an Edit facility for posts to accomodate such changes - It's almost as if you're spamming on purpose
    4) I'm sure that others have tried to tell you the same stuff as I have, even doing it in different tones (and possibly different languages) - What do we have to do to get the message across?

    I know for a fact you've already pissed off at least one mod on this board with the doppelganger-ish crap. For crying out loud, if you want to do your own station then do your own station - Create names for your own stuff, sign your own DJs, make your own event schedules, make your own site. Just don't copy the stuff that's already here because it's becoming similar to the system of Kazaa Gold.

    (Though I hope he wouldn't ,) If tomorrow Darker said "F*** it" and shut down the whole thing because of the bad publicity, I wouldn't blame him. And if that happens, I think it would have a bad impact for SFGI - Most of the people who have just picked up internet radio broadcasting started with KLB Radio, and I'd love to see how many keep the interest if KLB shut down tomorrow

    i.e. (though it could be disputed) Keep up with the imitation crap and we're all f***ed

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    Illuminati: If you are angry, I am sorry.

    To the schedule: Didn't I mention that copyright is at Darkers?
    Ok, if you want I can also make my own, no prob. I do not want anybody
    to feel uncomfortable.

    I just choose this template of Darker, cause the colors impressed me.
    But ok, I would use my own... If you want :) no prob.

    ok, I will change KLB owner to Darket, allright?

    A mod got angry of me? I do not want it, surely...

    :( I am feeling desperately misunderstood, but do not worry.

    yes, ok, no prob, if you don't want I would not record you streams, it is up to
    you ;)

  8. Lounge   -   #7 I don't know what to think about you but I guess the best thing is to not waste my time to even try.

    Like i posted many times before: There is no "owner" since every single user of this board is allowed to have his own show at "TL Radio", the new name that I have picked and branded with a domain name just to make sure that people are not confused since you seem to enjoy to "take over" names. Since I don't care about what name you or anybody else picks I just switched cause a discussion about this is just a waste of time.

    Some minutes after I change the name you rename your "station" to KLB Radio / The Lounge - sfgi radio .... so I did wait and think "what's next"... and here we go again - You simply take over a design from one of my webdesigners that i pay for, manipulate the design and change the copyright to the dream that you makeup yourself aka "Illuminati Darker blah blah blah"

    I am not a person that complains about copyrights but I do care if people just take things, mess with it and add whatever they want AFTER i rename our radio project to make sure that nobody is confused.

    I am not your clown and I strongly suggest you to get your own brand since once we start to confuse people it just results in chaos. Simply get your own name, your own design (which does not confuse people) and do whatever you like BUT what you do right now is just confusing and absolutly not friendly to the whole community.

    There can be many stations - nobody cares and I personally think that's ok since people can decide what to hear or not but doing it your way is just kiddy like BS

    Maybe it's your age or something against the idea in total - well I don't care but if you do something then do it your way and brand it your way.

    That's all

  9. Lounge   -   #8
    guys, sorry whatever you may think, I did not already post this schedule, this
    image only exist as image!!!!

    so, sorry, I have never imagined and could never imagine to do that!!!!

    sorry, but you probably understand this wrong... in some ways... could happen...
    This schedule was just a test...

    My station has alldays the same name, just "sfgi", and I AM NOT STREAMING
    REGULARLY! So there was and is no need of a schedule! Ok, I am only
    streaming my music when I am on the net sometimes - that is for what I use
    shoutcast, not more :)

    So. sorry to everything you probably misunderstood!

    Hope you did not take it too seriously...


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