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Thread: Halo 1.02 Ruins Pirated Version?

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    I downloaded Halo via Bit Torrent a few days ago. Graphics with my Radeon 9800 Pro are AWESOME! Anyway I wanted to do mulitplayer today so I download the 1.02 patch and it tells me to insert the Halo CD. is there a new no-cd crack I can't find? if so, where can I find it.

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    try searching in or if it isent in ther do a search in google if ther is a new no cd crack then you sould find it ther

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    May 2003
    I just found this[BT-GM]_[EFNET].torrent

    looks like what we need... downloading to test now...
    Xare Moderator
    MPC.DE Moderator

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    its not rocket science. Install the update and then use the crack(copy paste in halo.exe to the main folder) they give you with the update.

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    Xare, thank you the suprnova BT got it going again.


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