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Thread: Webroot Pop Up Washer 2.1

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    New from Webroot, the leader in online privacy,

    Pop Up Washer intelligently blocks intrusive pop-up ads and messenger windows. Featuring Smart pop-up management, Pop Up Washer gives you complete control over the pop-up windows you do and do not see. Pop Up Washer offers advanced technology that stops annoying ads that other pop-up stoppers can't, while allowing you to see user-initiated and navigational pop-up windows.

    If you're tired of being bombarded by intrusive pop-up ads plaguing all Internet users, Pop Up Washer is a perfect addition to your online world.

    Pop Up Washer stops pop-ups at the Internet Explorer engine before they appear, preventing screen flickers common to other pop-up blockers. With one-click activation and the option to log blocked pop-ups and customize sounds made when ads are stopped, Pop Up Washer offers easy-to-use features that will dramatically improve your online experience


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    thx.... it looks pretty good....but from my experience with popup stoppers....the best i've found is a free one..

    Browser Pal

    the only thing u need to have is a toolbar in ur IE and tell 10 friends about it....JUST that...


    + u can add certain sites to trusted sites


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    sounds good.
    but ill stick with my norton personal firewall one.running two at the same time is a waste of system resources

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    This works with Opera, if anyone wants to try it. I highly recommend it, works great.


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