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Thread: Bittorrent- Resuming File Dl's

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    hello all, sorry if this has been discussed before but i could not find it in the search.

    ok i half DL a file then when i went to restart it the next day it started to DL at 0 % again!!

    i checked the file size and i already had 600mb out of 730 mb - why would it do this?? im using the experimental client btw


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    ok. to restart a download on Bittorrent all you have to do is re-open the torrent that you were downloading from then when the window pops up where it asks you what directory it wants to store the file/files into select the exact same one you selected before. it will then check the length of how much data you have downloaded so far and resume itself.

    No worries

    Any more problems PM me

  4. BitTorrent   -   #3
    Save in the same folder as you did before. Like what Cypher said. B)


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