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Thread: Modem Speed Question!

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    hello there people.

    i'm a new user to a broadband connection, i live in new zealand and have a limit of 5000mb per month of download, and three times faster connection to what i have now.

    the question that i have is i am a downloader of movies and music, but i have know idea what size a movie is and how many movies i could download in one month, the main movies i download from kazza are the movies in two halfs from SMR or TMD titles.

    My second question is what's the best picture quality to look at in regards to movies on kazza i have noticed that the TMD movies are alittle fuzzy,

    thats for the help mate!!!!


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    Some movies might be over 500MB. Depending on the quality of the movies. Usualy DVD Rips are over 500MB.

    As for the second question DVD rips are very good quality

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    The best quality mate is dvdrips or screeners.Starting from 700mb versions to 2 file versions around 1400+.They should only take a few hours a movie,depending on the source you download from.


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