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Thread: Adult Cinema Network Review

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    Adult Cinema Network

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  4. BitTorrent Tracker Reviews   -   #2
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    Jan 2007
    # of torrents: 5,792
    # of members: 16432 (19000 max)
    # of seeders: 21,821
    # of leechers: 2,464

    pretime: n/a
    speed: 4 (allows user uploads, not that fast but some decent speed on newer packs)
    content: 5 (not a lot of torrents but decent number of packs, has TTL but not used)
    overall: 4

    Invites: still open I think

    Free leech: all 12gb+ are free, that is 278 torrents of free pron. Has bonus shop.

    Ratio: easy. You do need to be a little careful.

    Notes: A decent tracker, especially for large packs, but cant compare with the heavyweights of pron trackers.

  5. BitTorrent Tracker Reviews   -   #3
    "Mods or admin don't get paid, which is fair enough as I'm pretty sure most of them would spend it on crack." -- manker

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  6. BitTorrent Tracker Reviews   -   #4
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    Syntax Error
    Their siterip is A+.Very recommended porn tracker.


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