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Thread: October-november Zombie Fest!

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    Greetings to everyone! I just thought that it would be nice if we could download more zombie movies from kazaa. I checked some posts from before and found a couple of zombie titles, but unfortunately, there aren't any more sources to get them from (I've checked just a moment ago).

    I hope somebody would put up the zombie movies. Here's a small list of requests (with descriptions taken from an earlier post)... the more zombie movies, the happier...

    The Zombie Movies

    1. Nightmare City
    Umberto Lenzi (CANNIBAL FEROX) directed this rather bizarre, yet popular zombie movie. It stars Hugo Stiglitz as Dean Miller, a television reporter who is covering a nuclear accident in a major city. When a mysterious plane makes an emergency landing near the accident site, Miller goes to cover the story and watches as a horde of flesh eating zombies burst out of the plane. These irradiated zombies behave nothing like their risen from the grave couterparts. In fact, they run to chase their prey and even use weapons when given the chance. Frightened by these super zombies, Miller grabs his wife and heads out of town. Unfortunately, the zombies follow him, leading to a showdown in an abandoned amusement park.

    2. The Dead Pit
    The brilliant Dr. Ramzi at the state institute for the mentally ill used his patients for a series of fiendish experiments. He was murdered and his experiments sealed shut. Twenty years later an innocent woman reawakens his spirit and his dead army.

    3. The Dead Hate The Living
    A group of young filmmakers, making a low-budget horror movie in an abandoned hospital, stumble upon a dead body and decide to use it in their film. To their dismay, this releases dozens of spiteful zombies from the netherworld, who trap the youngsters in the hospital with little chance of escape. Mixing tongue-in-chewed-off-cheek humor with gory effects, Parker and crew serve up a fun homage to such classic living dead movies as Romero's DAWN OF THE DEAD and Fulci's THE BEYOND.

    4. The Dead Next Door
    A scientist creates a virus that enslaves a corpse to keep supplying it with its favorite dish...humans. Call in the zombie squad - their mission is to save the humans and destroy the growing army of dead.

    5. Zombie Flesh Eaters 2 (aka Zombi 3)
    Terrorists steal a nerve toxin from a secret military base, which accidently gets into a city's water supply, turning the inhabitants into cannibal zombies. Meanwhile, a trio of soldiers on leave help a group of teens stranded in the outskirts of town fend off the zombies.

    6. Zombie Flesh Eaters (aka Zombie)
    A Zombie is found aboard a boat off the New York coast which belongs to do a famous scientist. Peter West,a journalist, travels to the Antilles with Ann, the daughter of the scientist. On the way, they meet with with Brian, a ethnologist, and Susan. When they arrive at Matul Island, they find Dr. Menard, and discover a terrifying diease which is turning the Islanders into horrifying Zombies which devour human flesh and seem indestructable.

    7. Zombie Flesh Eaters 3 (aka Zombi 4 After Death)
    Set on a verdant tropical island where, 20 years before, a voodoo priest turned all of its inhabitants into the living dead, ZOMBIE 4 finds the only non-zombie descendent of the island returning to her homeland with a band of beer guzzling mercenaries. Soon, the mercenaries find themselves face to face with some rather energetic and hungry zombies while, across the island, a team of scientists unwittingly create even more of the flesh eating corpses. Much in the same vein as ZOMBI 3, ZOMBIE 4 is filled with gore, gratuitous nudity, and just as many laughs as shocks, making it another in a long line of entertaining Italian zombie films.

    8. Shivers
    Spread by sexual intercourse, genetically modified parasites infest the population of an upper-class apartment building and turn their hosts into zombies.

    9. Cemetery Man
    A gruesome horror comedy about a cemetery caretaker's battle with zombies who rise from their graves. To destroy them, he must mutilate their heads -- a task easier said than done, especially when the undead fiends start popping up from the ground with increasing frequency. His plight is made considerably more pleasant when he meets and falls in love with a beautiful widow. Unfortunately, she gets attacked by the creatures and transforms into one of them. Will he kill her -- or join her?

    10. Junk
    A gang of thieves are on the run after a successful heist. They make a deal with the local yakuza to sell their stolen jewels at an abandoned army base. Little do they know the government has been experimenting on the dead. The dead rise and it's an all out war between the thieves, yakuza and the army, in a desperate attempt to not only stop the zombies but to stay alive.

    11. Let Sleeping Corpses Lie
    George (Lovelock, AUTOPSY) is a hippie biker on his way to the countryside for a long weekend holiday. While stopping at a gas station, his motorcycle is accidentally hit by an attractive young girl named Edna (Galbo). The bike is rendered useless, so Edna offers him a ride, as long as they drop by her sister Katie's cottage first. The unlikely traveling companions get lost and stop at a farm for directions. There, George is greeted by a pair of employees from the experimental section of the Ministry of Agriculture as they test a new ultrasonic radiation device designed to drive parasites into killing each other. Meanwhile back at the car, Edna is violently pursued by a crazed man who appears to be already dead. After the agriculturists insure her it was merely the village loon, and the journey continues. Moments before they arrive at the cottage the same man who attacked Edna viciously murders Katie's husband. The police are quick to peg the wife as the primary suspect, and order George and Edna to remain in town during the investigation. As they lose faith in the fascist police force, the couple launches a secret investigation of their own. Suspecting the nearby agricultural experiments may be the cause of this morbid chain of events, they attempt to get more information from a local hospital. The result is a plethora of terrifying confrontations with zombies from the basement morgue--brought back from the dead to feast on the living.

    12. Dead and Buried
    From the writers of ALIEN, this thriller is the story of a mysterious coastal town called Potters Bluff. For years the town has harbored a dark secret, one that the town sheriff has just stumbled across. It seems that a number of strangers who have crossed through Potters Bluff have not only been brutally murdered, but have turned up in town as locals after being killed. Sure that there must be some explanation, the sheriff and the town mortician try to uncover the mystery and find something more shocking than they could have imagined.

    Well, I hope we'd be able to get these up as soon as possible. Thanks in advance people!

    By the way...... there's this zombie movie I've seen as a kid... just couldn't remember the title but there were teens fooling around in a cemetary and then a couple went into a barn. Inside, they started having sex and the guy was kissing his girlfriend's milk makers. All of a sudden, a zombie from behind stabs the guy with a pitchfork. Another scene involves a woman, after taking a shower(?), she lies on her bed naked, then a zombie barges in and eats her right milk maker. Can someone remember the title for this movie?

    Thanks in advance again.......

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    milk makers they are called tits, boobs milk makers no unles the victims had 3 month old babies they where tits ok

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    Thought there was some sort of "sexual filter" around here hehee...


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