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Thread: Rippin' Sure; But Burnin'? Forget It!

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    Oh more enlightened than myself:

    I'm able to backup my dvds to my hd using DVD Decrypter, but cannot get DVDshrink to compress the files and write them to my dvd+rw drive!

    Alternatively, I'm trying to use Nero Ultra to burn, but again, I cannot compress the files so they all fit on one disk!

    Since I'm obviously an idiot, is there any idiot-proof suggestions that you all can give me to aid me in my quest to backup a dvd?

    This may be common knowledge or pinned somewhere. If so, forgive me, ignore me, or tell me where to go....

    ....but if ya can help me I'd appreciate that, too!

    Thanks all!


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    i don't know much about burning dvds but maybe there is an option to just make a straight copy of the dvd and skip the whole ripping to ur hard drive part. just a suggestion

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    Thanks, r.f.:

    That's always an option, but what about all that nasty encryption stuff?

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    Why don't u try sth else???

    Image Resized

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    I think I've got pretty much all the tools necessary for the jobs, but since I'm so inexperienced, I just thought that someone would have answers I could just mindlessly follow. Surely everyone was at my stage before?


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    try dvdxcopy XPress

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    Thanks, enjoi!

    Is it better than nero ultra?

    I hope it's not too expensive ;


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    after you use DVD Decrypter to rip the disc, in many cases you can simply delete the VOBs that contain the bonus features (along with their IFO/BUP files). Nero will burn the movie and the VIDEO_TS files just fine, usually.

    if the main movie is too big for a DVD-R/W, open its IFO file with a program called IFO Edit, click VOB Extras -> Strip Streams

    and then make sure these options are enabled:
    *Strip Streams
    *Correct VOB Unit Pointers
    *Correct original IFO Files
    *Remove P-UOps
    *Remove Macrovision
    *Adjust VOB Unit Pointers
    *Adjust Audio/Subp point
    *VOB Size = 1gb
    *Auto-copy menu files to destination

    then when you click "OK" it will take you to a menu where it can strip out the streams you don't need, like alternate audio and subtitle tracks. it will compress the VOBs & re-save them, correct the IFO files, etc.

    then you can burn with Nero as usual.

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    dvd burning is the most un-n00b friendly thing ever...

    cuz when some1 seees "BACK UP ALL YOUR DVDS, YOU DONT EVEN NEED A DVD BURNER" they think wow, this couldnt be bettter...

    then after following all the instructions, they come to relize WAT A RIPP OFF!!!, you cant make perfect copys of dvds and they play in your dvd player, its just divx!!...then they get on fourms and post stuff like this...

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    Thanks 3RA1N1AC!

    IFO Edit?

    I'll grab that one!

    take care!


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