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Thread: The Movie Doesn't Play

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    I'm downloadin a movie and tried previewing it using the avi previewer but there's nuttin. U see that the previewer is renderint the file, u see the time when it's done, u see the movie progressing but u don't see no movie.
    I really one some help so is there anyone outthere wit it?

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    3 possible reasons why it dont play...

    1.) did you install kazaa lite codec pack, if not goto here and get it

    2.) it possibly is a fake movie, if that happpens get
    a verified hash or try a bittorrent download

    3.) you didnt let it download enough, to insure a good
    preview let it dowbnload atleast 10megs

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    I have the codec pack......i'ma let it download as u said in 3......but wat the hell is a bittorrent download???

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    lol its ok....bittorent is just a newer kind of p2p but not a p2p at the same you really want me to explain?

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    who me?
    bittorrent is nice, just read about it when you get the chance, or have someone explain it to you, its pretty simple, just different. youd like it


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