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Thread: Comcast Help!

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    My name is Mike. I just received a letter in the mail form comcast saying I have been doing Illegal actions. (which I have) I stole a cd key from a site and used it on Visual Route. 2 weeks later I get this in the mail. They have this stated on it

    Ip Adress (then my Ip)
    local Ip adress (my local)
    date/time: Tue Oct 14 19:05 33 EDT 2003
    User Name: Mike
    Computer Name: MICHAEL
    License Key: Then the license key that I used.
    ProductL VIsual ROute
    WOw lol holy shyt these people are good. Well anyway, I want COMPLETE privcacy or atleast a good step down being annonimous. I heard of Proxys and stuff what are they and can they help? ALso any prorgrams that help? IF so where can i get FREE good working proxys.

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    did you registar it??? you probly did, well shame on u and theres no such thing as privacy, as long as your on the internet your never 100% safe

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    Get emule and download A4Proxy


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