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Thread: Please Help!

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    Hi i hope someone can help me out please.I just bought a LG DVD multi recorder drive so i could copy and play dvds on my dvd player HOWEVER a few problems have came up

    for the life of me i cant seem to be able to load any of my kazaa files on to a disc (4.7 GB)

    so i downloaded Nero 5 but when i when to change the recoding device from image to my LG device it said that i need to autodetect my drive first - please tell me what that means.

    would be very grateful

    ps i tryed dvdrhelp but im a newbie and it is hard to understand.

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    I don't have a DVD burner you lucky sonofabitch ,

    but always make sure you have installed the recorder properly all cables attached properly, make sure you got a driver install it, better if it's of the newest version.

    If you can use it to read DVDs and it does exist on your hard-drive then maybe it's your burning software, try using a more specialised dvd burning program.

    plus this looks like it should go to hardware world


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