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Thread: Multiple Cd's In Emulator

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    probably a bit basic this but might be of use to someone, after dl'ing 3 bin files and 3 cue files (mafia) i didn't want to burn them straight to disk in case they didn't work, I found out that using alcohol 120 you can load multiple cue files into one virtual drive and asign each of them a hot key ie: cue 1 /f1, cue 2 /f2 etc. then all you have to do is load the first cue file and when you're prompted to insert disk 2 press the corrasponding hot key(s) untill they're all installed!.

    I thoght i'd post this as when i got stuck with this one i couldn't find any info, i pretty much discovered it by trial and error.

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    great info on the hot keys
    just to add for daemon-tools user's

    after you load the first cd and it ask for the next, click unmount all drives, then just mount the second disk
    repeat as necessary with the remaining disk till completely installed


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