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Thread: Why Can't A Track Be Burnt?

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    I'm trying to burn a song onto a cd but I can't
    The other songs convert fine but one track can't be converted

    Any help?

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    namzuf9's Avatar Poster
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    A bit more info would help us help you.
    What type of file is it (wav mp3 etc.) What program are you using?

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    Spider_dude's Avatar cawk BT Rep: +4
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    i have the same problem from time to time. i use cd-ex to convert it back to a wav and then re-encode (at the same bitrate) and it seems to work fine. hope this helps.

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    I have it too, Just try and dl a diff bit rate. Usually doe the job for me.

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    Burn cd's with Nero Ultra... I do and I dont even convert the MP3's I just burn them as Audio CD's and I guess it converts them itself, or somethin cuz any cd player reads the CDs

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    I've had one mp3 in all my days that wouldn't matter what I tried.
    It never gave an error, but it was just not present on the disc, ever.

    I just downloaded the full CD (in --alt preset EAC+Lame) from eMule.

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    I'm new to this so I'm not to sure about this stuff
    Its a mp3 file
    It plays fine using winmap
    I'm trying to burn it into cd format so i can listen to it on my car
    I've burnt other tracks and their fine

    Eh ........
    Um .......

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    Load it into Soundforge and SAVE it as " What ever Named.mp3" 192bit

    Try to burn it after that...

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    how do I upload songs

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