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Thread: H + D 2 On Suprnova Now!

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    Yup, that right and you heard it here first, its 2000 odd mb and has been d/lded 0 times when I posted this, so hurry up!

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    Looks retarded , just looked it up when I asw it there. Is it something that is anticipated, or supposed to be good. I do not really keep up on game news.

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    WTF is H + D???

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    Originally posted by Cygnuz-Y@21 October 2003 - 16:21
    WTF is H + D???
    Hidden and dangerous I believe

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    Home Depot
    j/k but I thought I was hip to games that were popular also, and it doesn't ring a bell off hand

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    lol, I guess if your looking foward to the game i'd definetly try it out here first because it looks very dodgey from the previews and such and if you like it, buy it!

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    Hidden and Dangerous was a game a bit like Operation Flashpoint, where you command a squad of soldiers etc. It was pretty good, but rock hard. I've heard about HD2 in a few previews but didn't pay much attention. I believe Hidden and Dangerous Deluxe (thats Hidden and Dangerous 1) is avaible for free (legal free) download from a few sites, and was over at when I last looked.

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    It was the most succsesful and most bugged ww2 game for a while.

    never played it but PC gamer and PC zone keep saying it rocked.

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    hidden and dangerous is the stupidest free online game you can possibly download!
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    Originally posted by Komek@21 October 2003 - 23:35
    hidden and dangerous is the stupidest free online game you can possibly download!
    yeah i downloaded it the other day.

    played 1 mission got shot dead from the other side of the map and deleted the entire thing of my computer.


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