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Thread: Dvdwr And Dvd Rom Have Dissapeared!

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    My dvd player ( samsung DVD-ROM SD-816B ) and my DVDRW (_NEC DVD_RW ND-1300A ) have both dissapeared off windows, i changed the driver using a flash application, and now appear to have the wrong drivers.

    when it does see my dvdwr drive windows does think its a cdrom drive but it wont even do that now!

    i dont have system restore switched on and dont have the restore cd's! (just to make matters worse.

    does anyone know how to fix this or find the right drivers or whatever.

    im absolutely desperate and this is my last hope!

    if u know plz respond


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    Click Start > (right click) My Computer > Properties > (tab) Hardware > (Device Manager) Device Manager > (Expand) Dvd/CD-Rom drives > then see if there enabled

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    If it works, leave it, no need to change the driver.

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    thanks for trying but i found out the reason - in cd had placed two files in the registry that were corrup, deleted them and its fine now




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