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Thread: Wtf! Halo 1.01 And 1.02 Patch Don't Work

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    Apr 2003
    there was a thread about this before. that dude pointed it out. it worked for a while, and now, i enter the mp, and it says invalid key. i recrack the crack, and same thing. i crack with 1.02, same thing. wtf?!?!?

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    i dont have that prob but are you shore that you instaled the 1.02 patch the put the 1.01 crack in halo??? i f done that and it works only prob is ther are only 10/15 servers and all of them have 120+ ping

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    Sometimes patches cant be installed if the original .exe is cracked like on GTA3.

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    You can only play on cracked servers and only about 1 in 20 servers are cracked so you will get the invalid key message constantly. Look for servers with cracked or FLT in it's title and you will be able to play on them. Also only use the 1.02 public server Halo.exe as there are many more cracked 1.02 servers than 1.01.
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    The thing is using the old 1.01 crack only allows you to play on 1.01 servers,the more people that use 1.02 the less 1.01 servers there will be to play on.


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