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Thread: Dan Heller's Africa

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    I came across Dan Heller whilst searching for some pics of London for a thread in the lounge. Dan Heller's Photo Gallery.

    Looking through his site, I came across a section on Africa, as well as photo's, like these ...

    .. he also expounds his thoughts and feelings for Africa and it's people.

    It's a good thought provoking piece, go have a look. Photos of Africa Montage

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    A way of life, not by choice....?? In some cases.
    Edit note: you may not be good enough for a reply though, don't get your hopes up!!!! If you have'nt noticed, to many intellectual's to comment.... Oh well you could alway's go back to being a raging lush!! I'll be in Australia by the end of the week, see ya then mate... B) OH YA don't be startin the flammer thread again, while I'm gone. One more thing bro, I know it's a two week vacation, but I don't expect you to be doing the drug's when I get there. Please I don't know if I can handle the re-hab thing again..... .


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