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Thread: Kvcd's

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    Earlier on this morning I found a link to KVCD's downloading, burning, converting etc. I can't find it again now - any one know where it is? Also been to and tried to download a few, but I can't get them to play and they seem so small 58kb's - is it just a link in suprnova or am I doin something wrong? can someone help please? I am new to this kvcd stuff - usually use avi's and mpeg's, but kvcd sounds better!

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    kvcds shoud sound the same, so i don't understand what your talking about

    lets take your Q one at a time
    kvcd in my sig but if you found it this morning you should be able to locate it in your history, ctrl+h
    suprnova is a bittorrent site, that tracks torrent files, you can only download the torrent file from them, you need a bittorrent client installed, here the best client

    once you install shadows client, then you can goto or any Bittorrent site
    with having the most kvcd besides suprnova

    good luck and if you got any more Q's just ask

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    Yup, u are just downloading the torrent file u have to install bittorrent and the web site for kvcd is it will redirect u.


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