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Thread: Can Someone Tell Me How To Install Bin/cue Files

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    iv been trying to delete post but dont know how

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    Hmm, ok, you have to get either alcohol 120% or daemon tools. Install. Start. Then right click on the little icon and select "mount image" find your cue file. IT should either start up automatically, if not find your virtual drive, for me its drive f. Anyway, open that and inside you should find everything you need to install the game

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    Originally posted by apollooff320@23 October 2003 - 17:58
    iv been trying to delete post but dont know how
    you can't

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    1. Install Daemon Tools
    2. On the bottom of your screen there is little icon of Daemon Tools, click it.
    3. Click on "Device 0: [H:] No media" (H could also be another letter) and a window pops up.
    4. Select the disc image you want to load and click on open.

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    i didnt know hoe to do this, but DAEMON tools really works. Halo is running buetifuly. i just cant to an online game. anyone know how to fix this?


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