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Thread: Jedi Academy!

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    Ok i know im a N00B but can you explain how to get Jedi Academy working. I have downloaded Part 2 and nearly finnished Part 2..

    Ok so i unzip with RAR ? the second part cant because its not a RAR file. Can i change this?

    Then i do what? iso????? .bin???? i have not got a clue how 2 do any of it.

    Do i need to put it on a CD? i dont really want to as i have no cds to copy on.

    I downloaded from Kazaa.

    Sorry if this has been asked before but i looked through a few posts and cany find any that is simple enough for me LOL!.

    Thanks alot (sorry about the Noobish question)


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    If I remember, it's a series of unraring the files. Once you're left with a bin and cue check out the pinned topic over in Software World about Mounting Images. With this you can install the game, and run the game using a mounted image instead of a cd. This means you have to sacrifice 700 megs on your drive though for the image, but you don't need to burn a CD! The game also has a crack on the CD that you need to put in the directory.

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