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Thread: Was Kill Bill Good Or Not?!

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    Man it's weird..I like QT movies..Pulp Fiction was great! But after watching Kill Bill (the workprint) I have no idea if it was REALLY good... I mean I liked the anime and a couple scenes - the hospital scene was damn funny! And the fight scene with the 50 henchmen was cool! But can you judge a movie with so many loopholes and unanswered questions?!? I really think Miramax should have left this as a 3 hr's worse than Reloaded! I mean...why the hell did they try to kill the bride anyway?! And all that extra filler - like taking 30 mins to get a sword?!?! Talk about trying to rip off the public!! Here's to hoping the complete DVD set of both vlumes makes up for this boxofice charade!

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    Hey is just like matrix reloaded you have to watch both movies to understand them..

    BTW when is kill bill volume 2 released i hope soon....

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    kill bill was awsome i loved it and whyd u watch the work print go see it at the theaters
    volume 2 comes out in Feburary 2004

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    yea unless the same thing happens again

    I really like the first part, and knowing Tarantino style he shot the last first so you really need to see the second part to make a accurate judgment of the whole thing, its like watching half of pulp fiction or R-dogs

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    the movie wasnt what i expected at all i was competely pleased when i finally watched it left me with a lot of questons at the end but (to hipen the sequil i guess) it was an awsome movie id give it a ten out of ten cause of the amount of blood it reminded me of old martial arts movies with new aged visuals it was brelliant

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    The chick from kill bill was on howard stern and said vol. 2 will be here december. It may be wroung.

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    Kill Bill: Volume 2 for February 20, 2004
    who knows when we might get our grubby hands on a copy of the sequel

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    I was MAd and DIsaPoinTed With THe wHolE thInG!!!! So U All Can hAVe kILl BilL anD alL thAt !!!!! It WasNt WhaT i Was ExpectinG tO sAY thE lEASt !!!

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    it was just your ordinary movie nothing more nothing less. QT isn't all what he is cracked up to be he over rated at best.


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