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Thread: Will We Have To Resort To Plain Old Cam's For M3?

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    It seems warner bros. has revealed that they will not be releasing screeners for the matrix revolutions (probably been posted before). Does this mean we will only have cam's as a resource, or are there other ways to get vcd/svcd quality besides screeners? Of course, the movie must be seen in theatres first, to experience it properly...

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    abu_has_the_power's Avatar I have cool stars
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    theres a cam out in china
    i might be able to get my hands on it, but the mailing would take a couple of weeks, in which it would be released here as well... hhmmmmm

    but the chinese have the movie and everyone's watching it already

    no, don't get mad. they r better than us at sharing and stealing. they are the true masters... although we're not that bad. but china had reloaded long before centropy came out with their copy. lol

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    Yes, there will always be a cam version that comes out as for the screeners who know only time will tell. But there will always be DVD-Rips so no prob.


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