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Thread: Recording The Computer's Voice?

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    I'm under Control Panel>Speech in windows xp, and you can type text and it will say what you type. Is there a way to record this "computer voice"?


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    cool site and its great to cut and paste lyrics in there

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    Awesome... atleast 10 times better than the speaking I was using under "Speech", and you get to save the file from the site. Nice!

    Thanks for the link!

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    Download 'record now max'

    It's a mini app that records audio right from your sound card, so any audio you hear through your speakers you can record.

    download it off kazaa or bittorent

  6. Software & Hardware   -   #5 is a similar site.
    why do you want the computer voice?

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    I'm doing a video project where i plan on rendering the voice to be kind of robotic. I figured that using the computer voice would aid in making this the way i want it.

    By the way... I'm using Cool Edit to edit my *.wav file, is there a particular filter i can use to achieve a "robotic" voice? I'm starting to think that the voice may not be the best way to go though, maybe just a "robotic" kind of sound, it's only being used in a logo.


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    goldwave is a really good editor, but it's pretty hard to figure out. the shareware has a pretty steep limit on how many times you can use it to, but cracks for it are easy to find

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    heh...forgot to mention that goldwave has a button called "mechanize" that sounds like it's perfect for what you want to use it for.
    if you want, email me, and unless you have a size restriction on your email account, I'll just mail ya back with all ya need, like the reg key, mp3 codecs, and the prog; as well as the instructions on how to install the codecs

    Like I said in my earlier post, it's a pretty good program, but takes a while to fig out how to use it.

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    Try windows recorder


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