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Thread: Vietcong Wallhack

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    Vietcong WallHack download here vchook

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    But what does this enable you to do?

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    like the topic said....vietcong wallhack.... for more haxxors

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    Yea I'm not blind.
    WTF does it do, Hack a wall?
    Then I relised, it enables you to view other people behind a wall.

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    yea...what you said....but wallhacks are nto good cuz they confuse me somtimes...once i did wallhack in ut2k3 and i kept goin in a wall cuz i thought it was a passage but it was a blocked wall lol

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    Iv, never heard of a wallhack before, until now, I dont think I will use one, as Im not a game cracking peroon, I cant even istall a mod car on vice city,

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    it all so has nofog and florows

    and wallhacks mack me confuse and play shiter but there fun to try out thow

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