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Thread: How Long Does It Take You To Download A 700mb File

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    kazaaman's Avatar Proud Indian
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    Dec 2002
    I have 56k and i use kazaa lite of course and i download some movies so i have to WAIT a long time.

    It usually takes me 26 hours to download a 700mb movie if its going at least 5kb per second.

    HOw fast does it go for other connections like dsl, cable t1, and t3 and so on......

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    abu_has_the_power's Avatar I have cool stars
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    Apr 2003
    something up with my cable. it's not supposed to be this fast, but i get 2.4mb/s surf and 500kb/s dl speed. and this is just regular comcast cable. anyways, on klite, a movie with decent # of sources takes about 1.5 hrs... at 250kb/s... but most of the time it's 1hr, cuz it goes up to 300 a lot

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    Jayhawk's Avatar Rock Chalk Jayhawk BT Rep: +5
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    Aug 2003
    it also depends on the person you are d/l from so even if you have a faster connection it still could take a long time if they have a slow connection or if they are limiting their upload speed. and stuff like that

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    Oct 2003
    i have freeserve broadband. takes me a few hours.

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    approx 3 and a half hours on newsgroups (512k adsl)
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    I am on a 3mb connection. It takes me about 1 hour to download a 700mb file on bittorrent and around 90 mins on Kazaa Lite

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    ZaZu's Avatar I know stuff ...
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    Sep 2003
    I have 1.5Mbs dl takes about 2 - 3hrs

    at an average of 120 - 180 kbs

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    3hours MAX.

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    Feb 2003
    2-4 hours almost on all movies with good soarces

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    It takes me about 2 to 3 hours to download 700mb.

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