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Thread: Cleaning Cd's

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    does any one have any good tips on cleaning cd's?

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    water or if its scratched I herd toothpaste or turtle wax
    make sure you clean from inside out

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    if it scratched use a mild metal polish such as duraglit or brasso to work the scratches out, it will slightly dull the cd and may slow it down whilst installing if it software. hold the disc up to a light, if you can see pinholes coming thru then the data on that part will be lost and no amount of cleaning will restore it as you can see some of us in here dont hold a grudge

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    A Cd cleaning kit maybe

    But agreed with work inside - out.......straight across, never round

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    does rubbing alcohol work?

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    You could always get a CD skimmer, it removes a thin layer from the whole cd in effect giving you a new surface

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    where do u get those at?

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    make sure you clean from inside out
    Why ?

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    Originally posted by neattairoski@7 November 2003 - 22:10
    make sure you clean from inside out
    Why ?
    Well, it&#39;s easier for one thing&#33;

    @ hack - Most retailers that sell CDs will carry some sort of skimmer/polisher/resurfacer....
    • or if you can&#39;t find one there, check at an appliance/stereo store.

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