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Thread: Rumor Regarding Kmd

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    Oct 2003
    One of my friends told me about a rumor of KMD now asking for credit card numbers when you try to download songs at this time. Neither of us is sure to the truth of this claim considering it comes from a questionable source. I can not find any evidence of anything like this on Kazaa Lite. I tested it today. Does anyone know about KMD though (I don't want to put that much spyware on my machine is why I ask.)

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    This is the Kazaa Lite board, what happens at KMD is anyone's guess.
    I did hear they were charging for downloads so guess you may be right.
    Stick with us on Kazaa Lite and you'll be alright and it's FREE!!!!

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    There are version of Kazaa which you have to pay for. The users of these versions are known as 'idiots'.

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    Yeah..the same Idiots that USE Itunes or Napster..Morons....


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