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Thread: Splinter Cell Help!

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    i just download 3 bin files... can someone tell me what i should do now pls?

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    one who knows nothing cant learn anything

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    A. Nero - Drag the .bin image from the file browser onto the ISO1 side (transfer file from right side to left). Then Go to File... Burn Image... And choose the .cue that is for that game/program. Click Open, then Write CD. Simple. (Becareful if the game/program is more that 1 disk. Make sure you get the correct .bin/.cue matchup. It can be a waste of disks if you accidently burn "Grand_Theft_Auto_3_Disk_1.bin" With the "GTA3_Disk_2.cue")

    you see where the pinned topics are newbie faqs

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    Originally posted by DrunkeNStylE@29 October 2003 - 04:37
    one who knows nothing cant learn anything

    just use nero smart start and click burn image and your done :-P

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    Much easier, download Daemon Tools. click on the icon DT in you system tray. check all Emulation Options.

    Then right click again and mount the first BIN. it will install like a CD in a ROM.

    When it asks for CD 2. right click on the DT icon in your task bar again and load BIN 2. etc...

    If you cant see your system tray to load BIN 2 because the install window covers your entire desktop. hit the windows key icon on your keyboard to see the system tray.

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    I recommend u burn the .bins to cd and u will have to make a .cue, they are easy just read one of the pinned topics then follow Drunken directions.


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