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Thread: Can't Play Some Movies

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    Why can I not play some movies? I have I believe all the necessary codecs, I have FFD show installed, but when I want to play a particular file, WMD and Real Player give me error messages, and the only one which usually would play what the others don't is DivX Player, but not well; for instance the forward feature would not work. If I AM missing a codec, how do I find out which particular codec does the file require. I tried using KDAT but it will not show me the files from that particular folder for some reason. Any other way?

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    download and install the the K-Lite Codec Pack 2.10, you can get it Here. Uninstall the other codec packs you have first. Once installed try and view your movies. Also this codec pack comes with BS Player that you can use to view your movies. It also has a program called GSpot. GSpot is used so that you can drag a movie to the GSpot window and it will tell you if you have the correct codecs installed before you try and view your movie. It will also let you know if you have a fake file. One other thing you could do is use VideoLan, it has all the codecs built into it and you could use it to view your movies. You can get a copy of that from the same place just click on Other Downloads.

    Hope this helps you.

    EDIT: KDAT is used for looking at info on the files you are downloading and are still in ******.DAT format. You can not use it to see finished downloads unless they failed to get renamed to the correct format.

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    I say try using VideoLan.

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    Where do we get this VideoLan that everyones talking about???

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    Originally posted by Sbmotoracer@30 October 2003 - 13:54
    Where do we get this VideoLan that everyones talking about???
    you can get it at the Office Kazaa Lite Web Site look under the downloads section.


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