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Thread: True Crimes: Streets Of La

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    which should i buy? please disreguard the fact that gta has been out before. Which seems more promising?

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    true crimes seams very promising i cant wait to get my hands on

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    Apr 2003
    get the GTA double pack. way better.

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    May 2003
    the gta pack will probably last longer

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    if i had never played gta i would get the gta pack cuz i dont know about true looks cool but it might not be like some games look awesome but when u play em they suck

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    no way true crims is gonan suck there having a hard enough time releasing the game so id expect it to be just a sick a gta3 annd vc because its had a longer time to develop think about it gta then gta 2 then gta3 then vc or wwhatever my point is each game released was better than the previose. thats why i think true crimes is gonna kick ass they have to beat the competition of gta and i think tc:sola will


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