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Thread: I Think Iam Getting Free Broadband

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    Ok i hope i don't jinx my luck by saying this but who cares...

    4 the last 2 month i have bin getting free broadband -

    Freeserve take 27pounds out of my bank on the 19th of every month - but they have not took a thing of me for two months.... and i am in two minds in wot 2 do about it, i think i will phone up and asking wots going on -- but then i think i sud just milk it 4 as long as i can... i don't want 2 move 2 another ISP as Freeserve rule - no download cap or nuthing....

    but like i say i don't know wot 2 do...

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    I wish I was getting free broadband but I doubt u are they know what they are doing they will take it.

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    metro, you should look into Pipex broadband

    only 23.44 a month (512/256k), no caps at all, 35000 newsgroups
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    they take it out of my bank. yeh freeserve broadband does rock&#33; theres nothing better for the price.

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    They&#39;ll just end up charging you later on for those months when they find out the error probably. Better keep some money back.

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    Originally posted by Derriz@30 October 2003 - 19:33
    They&#39;ll just end up charging you later on for those months when they find out the error probably. Better keep some money back.
    wouldnt be sure about that &#33; my brothers got dsl 768 dl 192 ul but for the past year he had double that &#33;he was always wondering why he was getting dl of kazaa up to 110 kbs then recently he got changed back down to what he was supposed to have but they did not charge him extra for that year where he had higher speeds
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    My service needs to forget about me for a few months then. Woot.

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    We usually get our bill around the 5th or so, but we haven&#39;t gotten one for October yet...I&#39;m half expecting that it got lost in the mail, and any day now we&#39;ll get d/c&#39;ed ;-/

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    Some ISPs bill three months in one hit every quarter, at least mine does anyway. That could be it.

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    Mmmm...I got almost 1 year of free internet, one day they just stopped charging me, when they found out they never charged me for that time

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