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Thread: Pi The Movie

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    I really enjoyed this movie, especially the cinematography and soundtrack. But I don't understand it very well. If you haven't seen it, you probably shouldn't read this...

    At the very end of the movie, when Max kills himself with the drill, why does he reappear with that little girl who asks him the math question? Maybe he didn't kill himself ( a dream) and him drilling into his head was merely a representation of him trying to forget about the 216 digit number and whatever else he knew about math. I also remember one part where he was in a place surrounded by white. Could this have been heaven? And what was with all the ants?

    Let me know what you thought of it, and if you can clear some stuff up for me.

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    I took that like this.

    He did drill himself, but he didn't die, he forgot everything. Not just the numbers, but went everything.
    He became retarded, from the incident.
    "Where did he go, George, Where did he go?"

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    or even better

    people do it themself or sometimes let others drill a hole in their head called trepanation


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