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Thread: Bittorent Problem

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    Oct 2003
    MyISP just e-mailed me and told me that if i didn't stop using BitTorrent the spam and users who hack systems will end in damaging their whole Network.The had threated me to stop their services unless i stop BitTorrent.Normally i would change ISP because that is very unfair but this ISP had made me a dicount in the price, because my father is friend of 'em and had made them a favour, well anyway i would like to know if there was any torrent without spam or leeches or whatever else

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    spam? what spam?

    i use nova torrent and there is no ads, same as the original client of bt

    there are leechers but they still share

    the only solution would be to switch isp but looks like this solution is not for u

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    Please continue using Bittorrent and don't worry about that it's nothing and noone is going to do anything to u.


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