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Thread: Why Does It Keep Doing This?!?!

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    OK, this just randomly happens. I'll just be surfing the net, or listening to music, doing whatever, and the computer will either freeze, or make a weird noise and reboot. The problem is, the computer doesn't start up again, it keeps saying stuff like "Unmountable Boot Volume" and a number of other messages that are similiar to that. Sometimes my hard drive won't be touched, sometimes it erases everything. Either way, I have to spend another hour of my like reinstalling Windows, drivers, Kazaa Lite, getting my music back etc... I have read that you can go to the Repair Console on the Windows CD and type "Chkdsk /r" or "FIXBOOT" but none of that works. Please help mee!

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    possibly you fucked ur hdd, like a magnet or you fried it...

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    Norton (Anti Virus)
    TDS-3 (Anti Trojan)
    Proton (SOCKS5 proxy for KL++)
    Sygate pro 5.1 (Firewall)
    Take 10 minutes learning experince everyday from security sites to better ur pc experience

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    AVG anti-virus or norton hmmm??


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