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Thread: Help With Firewall Problem Please!

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    I am running Windows XP, and I recently installed Final Fantasy XI . When I rebooted my comp ZoneAlarm would not start up. I got "The operation has been cancelled due to restrictions on this computer. Please contact system Administrator"

    Ive tried rebooting, I updated my virus definitions (found 2 worms). I've tried reinstalling ZoneAlarm(same message). I am at my wits end!

    If anyone can give me some advice I would be very thankful!


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    I also get the same error message when i try to run msconfig.


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    hmmm...i had probs with zone alarm after a restore or program install, good place to start is their web site, i think its (go to help and support then instant support and type in your prob, it can give you instant suggestions on fixes)

    oh, missed some of your post...are you logged on as admin?
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    are the worms comming from the zonealarm file your trying to install, sound bad, try downloading sophos or avg and get the updates, then do a scan


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