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Thread: Don't "fake" Files, "shake" Them!

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    Don't "fake" files, "shake" them!

    Hehehe!!!! Just some word game...

    KaZaA comes to Lhasa!
    Buddhism introduced Kazaa Notebooks in his monestries.

    (dn) Recently some funny buddhists introduced KaZaA
    in a monestry somewhere in former Tibet. After Chinas governement
    protested, they were telling them "Fuck you, Filesharing forever for a better
    understanding!"... And as some amazed journalists recently told KaZaA
    spread out into more monestries! One guy - sha're@KaZaA, a nice User
    in Nuremberg, Europe - mentioned: "We have to share our thoughts openly
    to understand each other better."

    ATTENTION: This is not real - just some thoughts...

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    hey, no answers :( no one know what to say :)


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