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Thread: I'm Afraid Of Being Busted

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    I heard that a lot of people are being busted for downloading movies and stuff like that that are illegal and i remember seeing a program that prevents this but i cant remember the name of it . If you know of it can you help me oput please

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    The program I think your thinking of was just a scam, it was just like PG. And use the IP blocker in the latest version and update it once in a while, and you should be safe.

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    Use Kazaa Lite++, block people from listing all of your files, enabled KL++'s RIAA ip blocker and keep THAT updated 1-3x weekly, block port 1214 in KL++ and at your firewall/router level, and only share 50 or fewer files at a time -- only 1-3 movies at a time if you are sharing them...


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