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Thread: Metho 2 Ya's Version Of Nav 2004?

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    i realise this may be against the rules?

    i downloaded from methos site the version of NAV 2004 he has listed, anyway it comes to the part where it says ''this is trialware, u have 3 options, try for 15 days,buy the product,or register your product key'' now this is the hard part ive gone thru every crack site i know of, all of them on the kazaalite homepage and also ANDR-ive also downloaded some from kazaa, mainly the sharereactor version! ive also tried both of the serials METHO lists on his serials section and both dont work?

    can anybody direct me or PM me a site to where i can solve this 1?


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    Hi i am mEtho

    i cant blieve none of those cracks worked for you (i am still running NAV with the same serial which i have on my site and i downloaded the product from my site as well ) yeah this is trialware but once u put serial it automatically becomes full product ,

    i am not saying there is something wrong with ur computer but its worth checking it cos none of the product cracks worked for u, eve the SHAREREACTOR one (sharereactor is god when it comes to proper serials )

    i am sure some1 who had the same problem will help u out here! ,

    PS: i am at college at the moment and i will look up further on this problem when i get home, (dont panic , Norton systemwork 2004 is also here )

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    did you read the .NFO files???

    -edit, try to download the full version.

    download Norton corp. edition hash

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    hi method
    the top serial number when inputted comes up wid a screen saying ''their is a problem with the serial you entered'' and the bottom of the 2 just simply says the serial number u entered is incorrect!

    if you can help me further that would be great


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    i will find some alternatives for u in a day or 2, meanwhile u might wana try what IKE said .

    if u want NAV, u will get one , i will also try to find the Corp version

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    ive just tried the top serial again from your site and when inputted it goes to a screen where it says its connecting/verifying serial etc then it comes up with A8KEY abuse-this probly means there has been too much use of the key u provide? the shareactor key u get is too short-im using the SHReactor version which has the PHONE ACTIVATION thing aswell-am i using the wrong version? ive also just tried the TMG version key and that 2 does not work!

    this NAV 2004 has been a complete shit to get working on my pc


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    i will find something meanwhile dont panic

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    ok metho-thanks for your help and im looking forward to seeing if you can come up with anythung to solve it

    thanks again


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